AngularJS is a  rich, robust and easy to use JavaScript framework introduced (in 2009) and maintained by Google.
AngularJS follows MVC structure.
Anyone can use JavaScript and its other framework (like jquery etc) effectively.
AngularJS provides many built-in directives, provider services by which anyone can easily and Precisely can use it .
AngularJS is more efficient with SPA ( single page application) as well as multi page application or large application.
AngularJS has many keywords like ng , directives, services, filters, factories ,providers etc.
As we knows jquery says give me reference of HTML element and I can perform operations on that HTML ,  but AngularJS says inject me in your HTML code and after that use me effectively and that then I will handle everything.

And JavaScript says wait wait I am ancestor of both of you although I am since long time but don't worry I will handle both type of coding methodology but my code want some extra effort.

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