AngularJS Question & Answer

AngularJS Question:
1- What is AngularJS?
2- How AngularJS works and what is advantage s of it?
3- AngularJS a framework or library differentiate and explain.
4- Advantages and limitations of AngularJS.
5- Does AngularJS support MVC architecture? Explain MVC architecture.
6- What is two way  binding in  AngularJS? How its works?
7- Difference among JavaScript, AngularJS and jquery.
8- What is controller in AngularJS? How to implement it in our application.
9- Ajax request in AngularJS.
10- AngularJS built-in directive.
11- What is isolate scope in AngularJS?
12- What is factory, service, provider and directive in AngularJS?
13- What is meaning and use of '@', '=' ,'&'?
14-What is $scope and scope?
15-What is $rootscope?
16- What is $watch in AngularJS? How to use $watch in AngularJS?

17- What is ng-model in AngularJS?

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