Thursday, 22 October 2015


What is ng-non-bindable: ng-non-bindable used when we don't want any angularjs expression .

Description of ng-non-bindable: ng-non-bindable render a angularjs expression as it. There is no rendering for Angularjs expression where we mentioned this directive. It is show the raw angularjs code after rendering. It is useful when we want a angularjs expression display its self.

Syntax of ng-non-bindable:
<elementname ng-non-bindable>{{myexpression}}</elementname>
    <div ng-non-bindable>{{myexpression}}</div

How to Use ng-non-bindable/ng-non-bindable Example:

AngularJs Example :
        Angularjs Example of ng-non-bindable
        <br />
        <div ng-init="myexpression='This is angularjs example of ng-non-bindable'">
            <div ng-non-bindable>{{myexpression}}</div>
    o/p:   Angularjs Example of ng-non-bindable

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